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Yellow dresses

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Yellow dresses

Yellow dresses

the light of the sun and summer mood - this is the Association we have yellow. This color is the most cheerful of them all and attracts the attention at first sight. It's no wonder yellow dress usually choose the most positive and sociable fashionista.

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Yellow is the symbol of light and is perceived by others as something friendly. So, if you want to impress, choose a dress from Gepur in yellow tones.

In our catalog all shades of yellow

Designers Gepur know all about fashion trends, so use in their collections only on-trend tones:

  1. Yellow Primula from Pantone or Primrose Yellow - flower shade primrose, which is rich and vivid shade.
  2. Lemon - another bright tone - color of popular citrus. Ideal for brunettes and women with olive skin.
  3. Yellow Chartreuse is somewhere between yellow and green. Dresses of this color are suitable for those with a spring complexion with blond and red hair and light peach skin.
  4. Fawn - grey with a pastel hue, which is advantageous to look at the girls of spring and winter type.
  5. Cream - popular pale yellow - universal for any appearance. Dresses of this shade is ideal for basic wardrobe and used in the styles of country or Provence.

in addition, our online store dresses sand, egg white, amber, Canary, mustard, straw, saffron and other colors. So you can pick out an outfit that is perfect for your image. The main thing is to choose the size with the convenient size. And thanks to wholesale pricing, you can choose not one but several favorite models!

Go to directory partitions and choose your perfect shade of yellow!


Frequently asked questions about yellow dresses?

Where to buy yellow dresses?

Yellow dresses can be purchased at Gepur stores or ordered online at

What are the most popular yellow dresses?

What are the prices for yellow dresses?

Prices for the yellow dresses from 14$ to 136$