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Midi dresses

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses combine feminine elegance, versatility and practicality and at the same time emphasize the strength and fragility of the modern girl. Such models are appropriate in a business setting, as well as an evening reception. Tight-fitting midi dresses are ideal for important negotiations or for the office, and flared midi with a fluffy skirt will adorn your evening wardrobe.

Midi dresses of textures with fringe in the style of 20-ies are interesting. Checkered and predatory print look nice. Classic monochrome models of midi dresses: red, black and white colors are out of time.
Feature of midi dresses is that they ideally sit on the girls with any type of shape and can hide all the flaws. The perfect complement to these dresses will be pumps. Due to the high heel, they visually elongate the silhouette and strengthen the slimming effect of the midi dress.

Length of midi dress allows you to make a nice accent at the neckline or shoulders. In such models, deep cuts will not look defiant, on the contrary, they will emphasize your femininity and seduction. At the height of fashion trends and square V-neck on the front and a straight wide mouth that allows to open the shoulders. Pay attention to products decorated with golden embroidery and guipure or chiffon inserts. They look very elegant and suitable for any special occasion!

Midi dress is one of the favorite areas of work for Gepur designers. Therefore, in our online store there are a lot of different models and each girl will be able to buy a midi dress, which she had long dreamed of!


Frequently asked questions about midi dresses?

Where to buy midi dresses?

Midi dresses can be purchased at Gepur stores or ordered online at

What are the most popular midi dresses?

What are the prices for midi dresses?

Prices for the midi dresses from 28$ to 124$