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Women's blouse will help create a new image!

There is no such wardrobe, which does not include a women's blouse! This is an indispensable thing, which has great popularity among the beautiful ladies. It is impossible to imagine a woman who does not want to buy a blouse!
The emergence of blouses as an independent piece of clothing belongs to the XIX century. It was at this time that a woman's dress was divided into two parts - a blouse and a skirt. As with all innovations, this type of clothing was taken quite skeptically, and it did not have great popularity. It was only towards the end of the XIX century that blouses and skirts became popular.
Over time blouses were changing constantly; fabrics, styles, trimmings were changing, but they firmly secured their position among the things of the fair sex.
Elegant image is composed of a plurality of various parts, but the choice of the main things is a priority task. With the help of women's blouses it is easy to create outfits that are suitable for every occasion of life: a strict sample models are suitable for study and work, and elegant blouses of light and coloured materials, with decoration or embroidery for events and parties.

Why should you buy awomen's blouse is in our online shop?

- There is a wide range of blouses, models and styles which are developed by our experienced designers;
- Only here you can get an exclusive item of excellent quality;
- Fabrics, used for sewing products are thoroughly processed;
- Tailoring technology is radically different from the usual factory option;
- Our prices do not hit on your pocket.

You can buy a shirt in online store wholesale and retail of remarkable quality and at an affordable price on our website. Refer to the catalog, choose the model you like and order. Order processing does not make you wait, and soon you will be able to enjoy your purchase.
Very important criteria for the selection of blouses are individual preferences. When choosing a product, consider the features of the figure and pay attention to the material, model, length and shape of the sleeves, neck type, and blouses cut.

With what can you wear a blouse?

This amazing item of women's wardrobe is suitable for almost everything! Jacket, cardigan, pullover, sweater, shawl, vest, skirt, pants, shorts ... Just imagine how many options to experiment! Tuck the blouse in a belt or wear outside, decorate with scarf of matching color or add a brooch. Play with the same blouse, combining it with the details of your wardrobe, and every time you look in a new way!

Frequently asked questions about blouses ?

Where to buy blouses ?

Blouses can be purchased at Gepur stores or ordered online at

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What are the prices for blouses ?

Prices for the blouses from 14$ to 102$