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Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses

Maxi dress - simple and tasteful!

Without the luxury maxi dresses (floor-length dress) none evening with dress code Black Tie or White Tie takes place. At least one maxi dress should be in the wardrobe of every girl. Even if you do not visit a secular receptions, for sure you will be a guest at the wedding of your best friend, go to your own prom or visit the evening performance or ballet at the theater. So floor-length dress is absolute must have for all seasons and times.

It is not necessary to buy elegant long maxi dress. You can choose light and free simple summer dresses of maxi length. These affordable models you can wear every day and not have to worry that the dress will remain unclaimed and will be collecting dust in the closet.
Evening wear is often modified, new tendencies and trends appear. 15 years ago every girl dreamt of long dresses with fluffy skirts, as in the 19th century. Now, such a model would be appropriate only at the masquerade party or stylized party. Gone are the days and evening dresses in the Greek style. Nowadays dresses, which are able to maximally emphasize women's attractiveness are popular. Maxi dress has slim line or fitting silhouettes and fish cut are the favourites of the world podiums and Gepur designers.

Also in the trend are multi-layered models with asymmetry. Pay attention to the maxi-dresses with a slit along the legs, such as were Marilyn Monroe in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
Particularly relevant are models with combining fabrics of different textures - satin, guipure, chiffon or lace. The inserts of these materials will give a festive look to any outfit.

If you are in search of the perfect maxi dress, then Gepur site is exactly what you need! Our product range impresses with its variety of models of different colors and styles! All you need to choose and buy your favorite model.


Frequently asked questions about maxi dresses?

Where to buy maxi dresses?

Maxi dresses can be purchased at Gepur stores or ordered online at

What are the most popular maxi dresses?

What are the prices for maxi dresses?

Prices for the maxi dresses from 31$ to 136$