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Womens underwear

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Womens underwear

Women's underwear

Beautiful lingerie is the main weapon of a woman. And let it not be seen under clothing, it can hit someone destined to see it. Lace or completely transparent, candid, or, conversely, is discreet underwear created to conquer and seduce.

What should erotic underwear.

the Answer is simple - decoying. And this can be achieved by using transparent or translucent fabric: lace, mesh, Voile. No less seductive look flowing satin with silk and even well-fitting skin of latex. Importantly, the material was soft to the touch and does not irritate the skin. But cotton and my favorite from the Soviet era cotton fabric is not the best way to conquer your partner.

as for the color, many men agree: red is the main hue of passion. But not necessarily to buy clothes only of that color. Black or white set may not look less erotic.

Well, to boudoir image was complete, it should be supplemented with a miniature dressing gown. This will give a look at the aura of mystery and even more to excite the imagination of the partner. But in the pursuit of the erotic, do not forget about convenience. No matter how beautiful was not the bra and whatever price it takes, the bra must be the correct size to support the Breasts and do not squeeze rigid frame soft fabric. Otherwise, instead of erotic your image will turn out comical, and chest risk of irreparable harm.

Where buy underwear?

the Best choice - the official website Gepur. In the catalog of the brand: curvy linen sets, light gowns, silk jumpsuits and beautiful sleepwear. All models of our Internet store are made according to exclusive sketches and have a unique unique design.

We manufacture our own clothing, and guarantee that your linen kit is not only beautiful but also convenient. The main thing is to find your size, determine which you can use size chart under each product description.

Our credo is high quality and low price. You can be sure that if you buy the item cheap, you get a really high quality item.

still undecided? Luckily for you, we sell the goods not only in retail but also wholesale. Which means you'll be able to buy not one, but several suitable models.

Choose your favorite kit, make a request and be the most seductive along with Gepur!


Frequently asked questions about womens underwear?

Where to buy womens underwear?

Womens underwear can be purchased at Gepur stores or ordered online at

What are the most popular womens underwear?

What are the prices for womens underwear?

Prices for the womens underwear from 3$ to 43$