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The ease and charm in a women's shirt

Modern business woman cannot imagine her life without a shirt, because this kind of clothing is actively used in the work, as well as in everyday life. This thing is known for its practicality, convenience and elegance.
Very often, women's shirts are equated to blouses; that is quite an erroneous opinion. There are obvious differences between these concepts: one of the main distinguishing features of a shirt is a stand-up collar. For the shirts one chooses not so light fabrics as for blouses, and, of course, they differ dramatically in style.
The owner of the first women's shirt was charming Coco Chanel. We should thank her for such a wonderful item of women's wardrobe, which, incidentally, was borrowed from the men!
As time went on, the shirt changed! Tireless ladies sometimes do not have time to follow the rules that rapidly changing design idea whispers! Today, the trend is a plain shirt without trimming, and tomorrow - the elegant ruffles or flounces. So today the fashion is vast and varied.
A shirt is able to give the lady a special charm and charisma ... Buy a shirt and wear it only at work? Not necessary! So many variations can be formed in tandem with the subjects of your wardrobe. Modern fashion allows you to wear it not only with the classic style of clothing, such as pants or a skirt, but on top of T-shirts, T-shirts with jeans or leggings with diverse shoes and accessories.

Why do women's buy shirt on our site?

- Firstly, you will not find anywhere else such a good quality clothes;
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Having bought a shirt in the online store wholesale or by retail on our website, you will not only make the right choice, but also greatly save your time. Browse, choose and order shirts from our online catalog. Purchased goods will be one of the most beloved of your purchases and you will return to us again!
Do not focus only on the classical style, experiment and inspire the image of freshness and versatility of your nature! Surprise with new and fresh ideas!

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Where to buy shirts?

Shirts can be purchased at Gepur stores or ordered online at

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Prices for the shirts from 26$ to 144$