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Women's jeans


Everyone would agree that jeans are a full-fledged cult of clothing. Jeans - this is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking to wear something comfortable and convenient. It is equivalent of high fashion attribute and everyday style, jeans practically superseded the classic version of pants (not including business style) and occupy an important place in every wardrobe.

You can buy jeans with the help of the official online store of the popular brand Gepur. We are pleased to offer you the clothes of their own manufacture. Quality fabrics and more than reasonable prices will certainly appeal to you to taste.

The first kinds of denim were invented by Levi Strauss, American industrialist. Pants of a fabric stood out strength and prevent rapid wear. The first jeans were for American employees of factories and plants at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. Just then a lot of pockets was the main feature of this type of clothing. Almost immediately after the appearance of denim pants, denim overalls were extended. Up to 60-ies they were used in the production of hemp fabric, after which the mass was replaced by cotton. For more than one hundred years of existence, this kind of clothing has got a variety of types, styles and classifications.

Online store brand Gepur is pleased to offer you a huge selection of clothes. You can buy a classic straight cut jeans, skinny jeans, as well as products with beautiful prints. Jeans combined with a lot of things, shoes and jewelry that makes it possible to always look amazing. In the catalog Gepur on official site you can find everything you need, and the constant updates and new collections will help you keep abreast of fashion trends.