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Women's shorts

Women's shorts

is warm Again, so the time has come to purchase shorts - women's legs must be seen! After all, when else can you boast of your figure?

the Main thing is to choose the right size and style. Short or long, classic or sports, with pockets or without, short can completely transform the entire silhouette. So how do you choose this garment?

women's Shorts: summer demi models

the First rule of cloth. In hot weather, you should choose models of lightweight natural materials cool from a dense wool. A generic version of denim shorts that are appropriate anytime of the year. Some ladies manage to wear them even in winter in combination with tights and boots.

the Owners of narrow hips, it is recommended to select decor that will give the shape of the missing volume. Girls with excess weight, on the contrary, we need a simple solid model. To highlight the waist helps the shorts with a high rise, but to highlight a flat stomach - with deliberately low. To reduce the growth can be due to a small odoratum, but seem to be higher using the high cut.

Importantly, the size of the shorts you came up. Luckily, Internet store Gepur you can find both standard and large size plus size.

Fashion trends: women's shorts 2017

in order to be in trend, not necessarily to go somewhere. Official website of the brand Gepur offers you the latest fashion news. In our catalog: denim shorts with a decor both classic cuffed, styles high-waisted shorts with lace-up, sport models, shorts with trendy sequins and even costumes with the bottom in the form of shorts. All models are designed exclusively by our designers and conform to latest fashion trends.

We offer to save!

Dressing fashionable doesn't mean expensive! We offer the latest fashion trends at the most affordable prices. And unlike other online stores, we sell products both at retail and wholesale. And because you can buy any of several models and significantly save money!

We are responsible for the quality of the product!

do not be afraid of our low prices. We produce the clothing, and therefore responsible for the quality of materials and final goods. At each stage of production, our experts make a thorough inspection to eliminate any manifestation of marriage.

do Not believe? Try to place your order! On our website there is a unique refund system that allows you to return the product within a year! Therefore, if the quality model does not suit you, you will always be able to return it.

Go to our catalog, choose the best style and be the trendiest along with Gepur!


Frequently asked questions about women's shorts?

Where to buy women's shorts?

Women's shorts can be purchased at Gepur stores women's shortsr women's shortsrdered women's shortsnline at Gepur.cwomen's shortsm

What are the most popular women's shorts?

What are the prices for women's shorts?

Prices for the women's shorts from 21$ to 53$