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Clothes for children

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Clothes for children

Children's clothing

Your baby has grown and it is time again to buy clothes for children? It is not necessary to waste time on shopping trips! Official website of the brand Gepur offers more than the regular online shopping!

Clothing for kids and Teens

the online store Gepur is clothing for kids from 1 year and children a little older. In the catalog of the brand: dresses, sports and casual suits, skirts, pants, shorts, fashionable sweatshirts, warm coats and winter suits. Goods for girls and boys from quality materials at an affordable price. All models meet quality standards and comply with the latest fashion trends. So you can be sure that your little fashionista or fashionista will feel not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

How to choose the size?

Use our grid size! All sizes of children's clothing presented in a convenient table under product description. Using the growth parameters as well as the volume of the chest, waist and hips, you can easily choose the right size. Well, in case of any difficulties, our managers and consultants will answer all your questions.

A Little life hack: if you are not sure about the size, choose clothes that can “grow”, so you will not go wrong. Well, if the model is not suitable you can always return it or wait until the baby is a little older. Fortunately, children grow up quickly.

The advantages of buying in Gepur

Buy from us is beneficial! We sell children's clothing wholesale and retail at competitive prices, allowing our customers to save on shopping. Therefore, the more units you buy, the more you save. And what else is needed for parents of fast-growing organism?

We know how important is it for you to clothes for the baby was safe. We produce all products independently, and therefore are responsible for the quality of materials and end of sewing. Thanks to our patterns all baby products have a comfortable cut and have the practicality to wear. And most importantly, the materials from which we sew, include natural and semi-natural fibers, which are hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch.

In our online store you can buy children's clothes of different styles: from sporty to smart casual. In addition, products from Gepur have a beautiful trendy design for our exclusive designs. And because your child will always be wearing not only comfortable, but also mega stylish.

Frequently asked questions about clothes for children?

Where to buy clothes for children?

Clothes for children can be purchased at Gepur stores or ordered online at

What are the most popular clothes for children?

What are the prices for clothes for children?

Prices for the clothes for children from 32$ to 40$