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Beach tunics

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Beach tunics

Beach tunic: that is in fashion?

Beach tunics are the kind of comfortable and versatile clothing that came to mind for women in many countries. Tunic is gaining popularity at a faster pace, stimulating designers to create new colors and styles.

Comfortable clothes for rest

Summer wardrobe to be used for recreation, should be as easy to use; it is a fact that is difficult to disagree with, especially when it comes to beach fashion. Accessory must at the same time hide some part of the body and does not hamper the movement while providing its owner the desired comfort. The main attribute of a beach holiday is a swimsuit. But combined with the right amount tunic is upgraded to a thoughtful and unique image.

Designers note that unlike swimsuits beach tunic is more varied in length and shape, so it can perfectly fit the female figure, stressing advantages of a tanned body.

Trendy styles of beach tunics

Today you can buy beach tunics of different style. Fashion trend of the last few seasons is an accessory in the form of a poncho, loose-fitting shape. Tunic can tighten the strap, emphasizing the slender waist. No less relevant model with low-cut in the shape of boats, V-neck, as well as accessories in classic style.

The asymmetry of a new trend in fashion

Before the start of the new season designers presented the most optimal combination of tunics: wide neck-boat with an asymmetric hem. Impressive neckline gives you the opportunity to wear clothes in the traditional style or on one shoulder. In conjunction with the bevelled skirt accessory looks great. Thus, a typical beach wear turns into an evening dress resort style.

Knitted openwork tunic together with knitted models suit many girls. Knitted material is easily and gently flows through the body, perfectly hiding any imperfections, giving the image of a charming and feminine. Advantages of clothing is that it is perfectly combined with the other elements of the wardrobe, which is available for women of all ages.

Choosing a color tone of a particular model, the majority prefers bright colors that are now at the peak of popularity. No less fashionable are striped tunics, crocheted or spokes. As for materials, the majority of models are made from light airy fabrics: silk, chiffon and fine cotton fabric.

Functional tunics

This article of clothing, sewn from a weightless fabric performs aesthetic, camouflage and protective functions. The aesthetics of the models is difficult to overestimate, because the tunic offers great opportunities for experimentation. In addition, it can help hide figure flaws, as well as the opportunity to sunbathe and swim very well. Additionally, the tunic is well able to protect from the bright sun, minimizing the negative impact of UV rays.

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